University of Southern California (USC) – Los Angeles, CA

BFA – Sound Design

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Graduated 5/2019

Los Angeles City College (LACC) – Los Angeles, CA

Certificate in Theatre Technology                                                                                                                                                        Graduated 6/2015

Work Experience

USC School of Dramatic Arts, Sound Deparment                                       Sound Supervisor                                                                                                   08/2019 – Present

Los Angeles, CA

  • Implements theatrical productions in a multi-stage and multi-use environment with a special attention to sound, which I am responsible for the safe and timely implementation of all the sound equipment in School of Dramatic Arts performance 

  • Teaching portions of Intro to Advance Theatrical Productions and Stage Sound classes; mentors’ students in their design assignments.

  • Oversees the operation and maintenance of the sound design lab spaces.

The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts                                     Audio Technician                                                                                                    05/2018 – Present 

Beverly Hills, CA

  • Provide support to professional sound designers at the Wallis. To which includes prepping, troubleshooting, setting up, and striking all sound systems per designer’s specifications 

  • Additionally, fills the role of a programmer, A1, and A2 for variety of shows in their Lovelace Studio Theater.


USC School of Dramatic Arts                                                           Lead Sound/ Administrative Technical Assistant                                                                       08/2017 – 05/2019

Los Angeles, CA

  • Provided general audio repairs, inventory, and scheduling with four different venues.

  • Additionally, fills the role as Production Engineer which supported to students and guest sound designers in implementing sound designs for School of Dramatic Arts productions 

  • Prepping all sound systems per designer’s paperwork and troubleshooting if should arise. 


USC School of Dramatic Arts                                                       Theatrical Electrician Technician                                                                                    08/2015 – 05/2019 

Los Angeles, CA

  • By the direction of Theatre Manager, hangs, focuses, and circuits lighting designer’s plots.

  • Additionally, repaired any lighting instruments/ electrical needs 


Conway Recording Studios                                                                                         Studio Intern                                                                                                    05/2017 – 08/2017 

Hollywood, CA

  • As an intern, assisted in setup and breakdown of recording and mixing sessions, including micing various instruments, patching, headphone cue setup, outboard gear configuration, and final testing of all equipment.

  • In addition, running for client food order and other request, constantly refreshing and cleaning the entire studio grounds, and assisting studio management in completing various tasks and projects.


PSAV – W. Hollywood Hotel & Residence                                                      Audio/Lighting Technician                                                                                     06/2016 – 01/2017

West Hollywood, CA

  • Set up, operated, and struck small to large-scale audiovisual systems in a hospitality environment, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

  • Maintains a positive relationship with all clients through effective communication. Meets withguests on site to ensure that their needs are met and the equipment setup is working properly.


Skills: Communication ·  Management  ·  Adaptability · Problem-solving 

Computer Skills: Mac OS X  ·  Windows  ·  MS Office Suite ·  Networking

Audio Skills: Dialogue editing  ·  Foley  ·  Mixing  ·  Console programing  ·  Sound effects Design · System design · Soldering

Console Experience: Yamaha digital/analog consoles  ·  Behringer X32  ·  Digico  ·  Digi Design Icon/ D-Command · Avid S6 

DAW/ Editing Software: Avid Protools 11&12  ·  Qlab 3&4  ·  Adobe Photoshop  ·  Audacity  ·  Vectorworks  ·  AutoCad  ·   Soundminer  ·  Izotope RX

Certification: Dante Level 1  ·  Dante Level 2


Available upon request