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Live Action Short 


Directed by: Christine Medrano

Written by: Janine Hogan

Produced by: Janine Hogan, Lucy Copp, Aimee Von Arx

Sound Mixed: Alysha G. Bermudez
Starring: Janine Hogan, Julie Brister, Dane Troy, Don Monroe, Nikki Taguilas-Pierce, Kue Lawrence, Mary-Elizabeth Benson, Ashley Watson, Edgar Momplaisir, Raiza Licea, Katy Dolle, Brodie Reed, Mikey Nau, & more!

Janine has to take care of most people around her, but she can't quite figure out how to take care of herself. And sometimes life just sucks. She's trying to keep her head up and look at things with a comedic mind, but will she end up exploding from all the pressure?


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